We observe, and document the different real life situations in any typical ecosystem in order to develop the Need Statement. create a “thick description” of real-world behaviors associated with the first two components of healthcare, assessment and prevention, both of which are daily processes undertaken by individuals and groups. This paves the way to ‘Identify Needs’, ‘Problem Areas’ and all the stakeholders related to it.

We do extensive User study of the eco system, Empathize (as per Stanford D-School Design Thinking Methodology) with the stakeholders around the problem area/needs, create definite scenarios and personas to ‘Deep’ understand them and Define.

Once the problem area and the stakeholders and defined, we ideate the solution keeping the core value of Empathy. We Implement the defined, ideated, empathized solution to bring delight to all products and services.

Patient study to gather detailed empathetic touch points help us to design disease management programs.
We hear their stories, their pain points, their wants and needs, and develop customized disease management programs. We also do behavioral studies through patient interaction and  dynamically tweak interaction modes to increase patient engagement and compliance. This method is tried and tested and we have had great results in making the quality of life better for patients.

With strategic alliances with cutting edge automation platforms, we create fast and effective solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare establishments. This is coupled with conducting custom user research to design programs tailored for unique patients and patient groups.
Smart Nirvana’s Patient Assistance platform encompasses all stakeholders in the program journey and is both scalable and customizable to fit in seamlessly with any existing program or for futuristic designs.

Patient compliance is by far the greatest problem area in today’s healthcare. Due to non compliance resulting in repeat hospitalization, governments, HCPs, pharmaceutical and insurance companies stand to loose patients and revenue.
The most engaging way to maintain compliance to is to create engaging and beneficial patient support compliance programs which will have customized interactions through coaches or digital platforms and keep the patient adhered to medication and proper lifestyle to counter disease.
At Smart Nirvana, we are working closely to engage patients to better their quality of life by being compliant to medications and right kind of lifestyle through our empathy patient care programs. The data collected first hand from patients is analyzed on basic touch points like medication adherence, diet adherence, general health compliance, adverse event reporting etc. which can be of great use for pharmaceutical companies and HCPs to better their treatment and drug efficacy.


Design is not limited to products, everything in this world is by Design so why not use design principles which is our teams strong forte to uniquely design disease management programs which touch lives in a special way.

Like the strong Stanford D-School Design Thinking which we strongly advocate, the core principle of all our design methodology is Empathy.

We create disease management programs keeping the patient in the center and empathize with their ecosystem to design personal disease care programs.

Other services


Our core value is focused on performance-driven learning encapsulating the current digital transformation age. Responsive technology coupled with high end instructional design provides the required edge for engaging learning.


More than a decade of experience on designing product concepts, visualization, prototypes, UI design and development for companies like HSBC, Oracle, Scora Technologies. From simple to highly complex products, we can cater to all requirements.


Encompassing Branding & Logos, Marketing Collaterals, 3D Modeling & Animation, Web Design & Development, we have under our belt a satisfied  list of clientele like Scora Technologies, Wok Inn Restaurant, Lifton Magnets Singapore, Super Gas, IFB to name a few.