We are a team of corporates who feel strongly responsible for environment and wildlife.

With this passion we immediately responded to the super cyclone Amphan by gathering funds for post Amphan relief to locals in Sundarbans, West Bengal.

The super cyclone has devastated the life in Sundarban as in several places the saline water entered the village and also people are left with no food and shelter. The ecology is largely affected with massive rise in water salinity, erosion of embankments, mangrove the main source of strength has been uprooted.

We appealed to Hoffman Family Foundation (based on our past partnership with Roche for grant to revive this critical habitat as a community partnership. HFF has gracefully agreed and have come forward to support a yearlong project which we are partnering with Nature Mates (Diya being a Governing Body member) to do community based ecological restoration based on proper scientific inputs just not to revive the broken ecology but also to empower locals to fight such natural devastations in a more robust manner!

Truly grateful for this immense support!